Read this article from IBM

Especially the utter garbage bit in the middle

<snip>The key to their success: development and operations teams are adopting agile methodologies contributing to business success and the success of its stakeholders at an accelerated rate.</snip>

This makes me soooo mad!!

They still haven't learned that this "agile" development is CRAP!!!

I've been developing for 25 years and I can tell u the answer IS NOT 
AGILE development

It's a horrible horrible thing thought up by people who have zero business experience but sit around in their offices thinking up "theoretical" solutions an dumping them on poor overworked developers at the coal face 

That snip is nothing else but bull shit business speak!!

There is only one solution and its broken down into two parts

1) Spec the requirement properly - and if that means spending 2 months getting to know the business process , THEN SPEND IT . You cannot document a business process in one 2 hour JAD session. You need someone to sit at the coal face to watch , learn , ask questions take notes and LISTEN to the people doing the work.

2) Quote the CORRECT time to get the project done! If it's going to take 6 months, THEN take six months, save money from the budget and pay for the 6 months. DO NOT go and hire someone who says they can do it in 3 weeks


-gets of soap box and starts breathing into a paper bag :)

I start my webpage like that and with a smile and a nod to every programming book I have ever read. 

I've read a few programming books in the not so few years I have been a programmer. In fact its gotten to the stage where, in order to keep up, I don't even buy the books anymore. 

Piracy! I hear you shout? 

No, more like a return to simpler times. I now use a sorta online library where you check out the books you want , for as long as you want and then simply swap them for others. It's a lot cheaper than buying them, friendlier to the trees and you always have the latest books at your fingertips.

Wow that was an almighty segway but, check out the sight i use . Im sure you will like it enough to join yourself. 
Ok. This just blew me away! 

You may know of it, I didn't until till today and it literally blew my socks of. 

This is only going to be truly amazing to you if you are an old skewl (indulge me) programmer like I am. We/I are used to loading controls, such as list boxes the old fashioned way by stepping through a "For..Next" loop and adding each item one at a time. 

Check this out. It's C# and imagine its on a page.

Here it is:

String [] _DataSource = {"One", "Two", "Three", "Four" };

Private void ShowItem()
      _DisplayList.DataSource = _DataSource;

       //DisplayList is a listbox somewhere on the form

HUH? I told u it was amazing. Go try it!